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Tariffs Zwölferhorn Cable Car 2023

AdultAdult reduced 1)Child 2)Dog 3)
Ascent and Descent33,00 €30,00 €19,00 €10,00 €
Ascent29,00 €25,00 €17,00 €8,00 €
Descent21,00 €19,00 €11,00 €8,00 €
Annual Pass*
(incl. photo)
475,00 €295,00 €100,00 €

1) Adult reduced: Adults in possession of a Salzkammergut Card, pensioners, adolescents, students, travel groups of 15 or more, members of the ÖAV/DAV alpine clubs, customers of Sparkasse and Erste Bank. Appropriate proof is required.
2) Child: Infants born in 2017 or later are transported free of charge in accordance with the conditions of transport and when accompanied by a supervisor. Children born between 2008 and 2016 are entitled to the child fare. Proof of age is required.
3) Dogs will be transported if they are kept on a leash and have a bite-proof muzzle on.

*plus € 5.00 deposit fee for the chip card

Disabled persons: upon presentation of proof disabled persons receive 50% off their ticket. With the appropriate remark in the disability card one accompanying person travels free of charge.

Family Tickets2 Adults + 1 Child1 Adult + 1 ChildEach additional child
Ascent and Descent75,00 €46,00 €17,00 €
Ascent67,00 €40,00 €13,00 €
Descent47,00 €29,00 €10,00 €

Families in possession of a family pass receive 5% off family tickets. Proof required.

Day Pass*45,00 €
Pass for 5 Ascents*97,00 €
Pass for 10 Ascents*183,00 €
Season Pass* 1)
(photo required)
338,00 €

* plus € 5.00 deposit fee for the chip card
1) valid from 1 April to 31 October 2023

School ClassesPer Child (with at least 12 children)Supervisor
Ascent and Descent6,00 €18,00 €
Special TicketsAdultChild
Sports Pass*
(photo required)
338,00 €annual pass, valid only for descents
(photo required)
176,00 €132,00 €season pass

* plus 5.00 € deposit fee for the chip card
1) valid from 18 November 2022 to 31 March 2023

"Alpine Pleasures" TicketAdultChild
Ascent and Descent35,00 €21,00 €including breakfast at “Das Zwölfer”
Combi-TicketAdultChild2 Adults + Children1 Adult + ChildrenGroup rates1)
"Mountains & Lake"*75,00 €37,50 €188,00 €113,00 €68,00 €

*one ride each with the SchafbergBahn cog railway, the WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries and the Zwölferhorn cable car, valid within 3 days
1) at least 10 adults, price per person

Parking Rates
Per commenced hour2,00 €The first 4 hours of parking are free of charge for cable car ticket holders.
Maximum daily rate20,00 €

All prices in Euro including 10% VAT (parking tariffs including 20%) | Tariff/seasonal periods/regulations: Subject to change! Provisional as of 25.08.2022.
The prices listed here are based on a calculation from August 2022. However, the further development of the factors relevant for this calculation (e.g. energy costs, infl ation, etc.) cannot be estimated at
the moment. It may therefore be necessary to recalculate the prices in the event of corresponding developments. We must therefore reserve the right to adjust the fares at a later date, in any case before
the purchase of a ticket. In the event of an adjustment, the price announced at this (later) point in time must be paid.
The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and Conditions of Carriage of Zwölferhorn-Seilbahn Ges.m.b.H. apply.

by nature.

On December 25 the Zwölferhorn Cable Car will open its doors again. We look forward to seeing you!